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Pregnancy weight and baby size


As your belly starts to grow, the guessing game of if it's a boy or girl begins based on the shape. That's hard to justify -- but what if pregnancy weight gain actually determines the size of your baby? Learn how weight gain can affect your pregnancy and foods to help you have a healthy baby.

Things women need to know about pap tests


Did you know that before Pap smears were invented, cervical cancer was one of the leading causes of death for women? There are many common misconceptions of what a Pap test is, why we get them and what for. Here, you can learn 11 interesting things about when and why to get one done.

Vaginal dryness after birth

Glamour Magazine

Are you currently pregnant or having your first baby? Have you ever wanted to know what happens to your vagina after you give birth? New moms don't like to talk about it - but don't fear, I am here to break the seal and tell you what to expect and tips to help with what's to come.

Difficulty breathing during pregnancy

Self Magazine

Cardi B had to cancel part of her tour due to this one annoying part of pregnancy -- shortness of breath. It's important to listen to your body and realize when you should reduce some of your normal activities. Read here to learn why pregnancy causes shortness of breath, how to get through it and when you should be concerned.

Postpartum body

We know what to (kinda) expect during labor and how cute it is to dress babies up in their first outfits -- but what about the few days after labor? This mom shares her after pregnancy journey in full transparency. Curious to know what your body might go through physically and emotionally? Read here.

Periods affecting workouts

Reader's Digest

Did you know that if you time your period perfectly, you can get the best workout? At one point during your period, you experience a burst of energy, which can be the best time to workout. Here are tips to help you understand your cycle and when it's best to hit the gym.

Breast cancer risk while on birth control pill

Does breast cancer come with taking birth control? A recent study shows that there is a relationship between taking the pill and cancer, however, not by an alarming rate. So, should you drop the daily pill? Talking with your doctor about your concerns and the type of lifestyle you want will make an easy decision for you. Read to find out what benefits and risks come with birth control and to help put your mind at ease.

Not knowing you're pregnant until labor

Can you imagine going into labor when you didn't even know you were pregnant? Well, it actually happens and can be dangerous for the mother and baby. These are early unnoticed pregnancy signs many women miss and what you should look out for.

Morning sickness remedies

It's true - you can pass a yeast infection to your partner even though it's not a sexually transmitted infection. It's important to know what signs to look out for and that men can receive it as well. Read here to learn more about what a yeast infection is and how to deal with it (or try to avoid it.)

Seeing your OB-GYN can be lifesaving for heart disease risk


Did you know that women are more at risk for heart disease? It has also shown that heart disease risks can show during times like pregnancy and menopause. OB/GYNs know these huge risks and are taking preventative steps to help you live a healthier, longer life.


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Did you know that excessive exercise can prevent your period from coming each month? This can make starting a family extremely difficult, which is the case for Tina Muir, a marathoner. This condition is called amenorrhea and can be caused for multiple reasons. To learn more about amenorrhea and how it's caused, read here.

Natural remedies for period cramps

When it's that time of the month, we can all agree that the cramps and pain suck. If you're looking for natural remedies to help soothe your period symptoms, this will have you covered. From food to vitamins, to exercise, read to find some of the natural relievers.

Pap smear guidelines

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Are you one of the many women confused about when you should get your Pap smear done? Since the guidelines have changed, many ladies aren't sure when to get checked -- but fear not! Read here to learn what a Pap smear is and how often you should get one to make sure everything is good down there.

Tampon lost in your vagina

Public service announcement - imagine forgetting about your tampon when it's inside your vagina. Now imagine getting it stuck. Shocking, but it's actually common. How dangerous can these actually be to your body? Read and find out.

Not knowing you're pregnant until labor

Can you imagine going into labor without even realizing you were pregnant? Well, it can happen. These types of pregnancies are not only dangerous for the mom, but also for the baby. Here are some early pregnancy signs that sometimes go unnoticed.

Pregnancy headaches

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Pregnancy, the superpower to be able to bring life into this world also comes with super powerful headaches. Headaches are normal during pregnancy, but if they are worse than anything you've had before, talk to your doctor. Here are some tips to help you battle your headaches, but also what issues to keep in mind if anything feels out of the ordinary.

Cervical cancer & HPV

FOX 35

Cervical cancer is on the rise and is killing women at a higher rate than previously thought. Thankfully, you can be screened for this disease and take a preventative vaccine. Watch this video to learn the many steps you can take to stay on top of your body's health and help prevent cervical cancer.



Endometriosis affects 11 percent of women in the United States, so do you know the signs you should look out for? It's important to know what is normal and what signs you should talk to your doctor about. Here, you can learn what endometriosis is, what symptoms should you look out for and what factors can increase your risk of developing it.

Alleviating anxiety before first OB-GYN exam

Healio Family Medicine

The first visit to an OB/GYN can stir up a lot of questions, but for some, it can be nerve-racking. Here, you can learn tips and what to look out for to create long-lasting relationships between you and your OB/GYN.

What happens to your vagina without sex

Huffington Post

No -- your vagina won't close up if you stop having sex. But, if you're thinking about taking a break from sex, here are some things that actually can happen to your body.

UTIs and drinking water

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Getting pregnant while still breastfeeding - celeb

Self Magazine

Do you think it's possible to become pregnant while you're breastfeeding your newborn child? Well, yes, it's totally possible because it became a reality for Katy Mixon. It's important to know that it's a myth that breastfeeding is a form of birth control. If you're looking to ramp up your sex life while nursing, here are some safe birth control options and recommendations.

Lotus births


We already know that birth can take a few days, but can you imagine it taking up to 10 days? For lotus births, it can take that long to complete the process. With its rising popularity, it is not recommended for the health of your baby to be brought into the world by lotus birth. Read here to learn about what a lotus birth is and why doctors are warning woman to stay away from it.

Vaginal rejuvenation products

The FDA has warned women against vaginal rejuvenation procedures as they become more popular. If you're looking at having any vaginal rejuvenation procedures to be done, you should consult your doctor and talk about potential benefits and risks. Read more about why the FDA is against this procedure and how some women are becoming hurt by it.

Kegel balls

Kegels - a workout that makes some women too embarrassed and shy to openly talk about. If that's you, but you want to learn more with anonymity, then this is your golden ticket. Read here to learn everything you need to know about kegels. From benefits to where to buy kegel balls, this has you covered.

Itchy breasts/nipples

We can all agree that when breasts or nipples become itchy - it can make for an uncomfortable day. Whether you're pregnant, just had your baby, an athlete or washing too much, here are 11 reasons why they become itchy and how to help them.

Outie bellybutton during pregnancy

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Khloé Kardashian didn't like that with her pregnancy, an outie belly button came with it. During your pregnancy, your belly button may change, or in Khloé's case, become an outie. Want you know why this happens? Read here.

Postpartum hair loss


According to the American Pregnancy Association, did you know that postpartum hair loss can affect 40 to 50 percent of women? If you find yourself losing more than normal amounts of hair after pregnancy, this article explains why that is happening. Although postpartum hair loss cannot be prevented, there are ways you can help treat your hair and promote new growth.

Butt pain during period

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Does your butt tend to hurt while you're on your period? Don't worry -- you're not alone. Maybe you've noticed it or ignored it, but there are ways you can help sooth your toosh. Here are some reasons why our periods cause butt pain and ways to help you get rid of it.

Diastasis recti


We watch celebrities bodies bounce back after having their babies and our eyes roll. We can all agree that this isn't the case and some of us have to deal with diastasis recti. If you don't know what that is, it's when you're left with extra skin post-pregnancy -- however, it can burden you with more. To find out what causes diastasis recti and how to treat it, read here.

Eating your placenta

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You might have heard about placenta pills and how some women swear by it, so a question for you. Can eating your placenta harm your baby -- or better yet, does eating your placenta after labor have any health benefits? Read how taking these pills affected her and her baby within weeks of her baby's birth.

Reduce the risk of UTIs

FitBit Blog

No one likes to feel the burning sensation or very painful urinary tract infection (UTI). Are you prone to constantly getting them? There are certain things you can change in your lifestyle that can help reduce your risk of receiving one. Here are seven ways to help keep the annoying UTI away.

Best books for expecting parents

Are you having your first baby or looking for advice with your next newest family member? Here are some book recommendations that cover a wide range of topics like labor anxiety, best baby gear and parenting advice.

Traveling on a plane when pregnant

Have you been thinking about booking that trip while at the end of your pregnancy? Not sure if you should do it because you have heard it's not good for the baby? Find out if traveling during late pregnancy is safe for you and tips to help plan your trip.

Periods and vegan diets

Self Magazine

Spoiler alert -- becoming a vegan will not rid you of your menstrual cycles' monthly return. Recent vegan vloggers have claimed that having your period means your body is toxic and that it's toxicity leaving your body. This is false. Periods are a natural part of your bodies function and are not toxic. Find out more information here about how veganism has no relationship to your period and why you shouldn't worry.

Getting an STD from oral sex

Huffington Post

Do you think you can get an STD from oral sex? Spoiler alert -- yes. STD's are commonly invisible and show no symptoms. It's scary, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't perform oral sex. Here are ways you can protect yourself and be aware.

Superfetation - pregnant when pregnant

Did you know that you can become pregnant again while you're already pregnant? It's a phenomenon that the babies aren't twins, but instead, biological siblings fertilized at different times. How does this happen? Glad you asked. Find out how Jessica Allen went through a double pregnancy and what caused it - don't worry though, this is rare.

Diaphragm advantages/disadvantages

Glamour Magazine

Diaphragms are starting to make a rebound as an option for birth control - do you know what that means? They are a great way to take advantage of birth control hormone free, but is it as effective as the popular pill? Find out here everything you need to know and decide if diaphragms might be a good fit for you.

OH Survey, concerns about first OB-GYN appointment


Did you feel concerned about your first visit to the OB/GYN? A survey done by Orlando Health found that almost half of young women are concerned about their first OB/GYN visit. It’s important to educate young woman about feminine health and that there is nothing to be afraid of when going to the first OB/GYN appointment. Here are some common concerns that many women felt and ways to help conversation flow between you and your doctor.

Fishy vaginal odor

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If you get a sniff of something fishy down there, that's your body asking for help. Even though it's awful, it's pretty common and usually has a simple reason behind it. Read here to learn why this happens and what steps you should take to get rid of this fishy odor.

Normal breast changes over time

Beginning with puberty, your body will go through multiple changes as it becomes older - this includes your boobs. As your girls change with age, it's important to understand what to expect and what cancerous red flags you should look out for. Read here to learn potential changes your breasts may go through throughout your life.

Foods pregnant women shouldn't eat


Everything you eat eventually goes to your baby - that's why it's important to be mindful about what you're eating. What you eat now can have life-long effects on your child's health. Here are seven foods you should avoid eating for you and your baby's health while pregnant.

Yeast infections

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If you suffer from having recurrent yeast infections, a simple change in your lifestyle can help prevent the next one from coming. It's important to know that some infections may seem like a yeast infection, but actually isn't one at all. Here are some tips to help lower your chance of getting a yeast infection and when you should medicate or talk to your doctor.

Menstrual cups


When dealing with your period, it is all about trial and error to find a menstrual product that works for you. If you frequently get infections or are frustrated with what you currently use, maybe itss time to try something new. Here, you can read a first-hand review about the benefits of menstrual cups and the freedom you have to have a more pleasant cycle.

Going off birth control


If you're thinking about getting off birth control, you need to know what can happen when you stop taking the pill. Depending on the pill and your body, you may have different reactions. Before making a decision, it's important to talk to your doctor and understand the different symptoms you can experience as you throw the daily routine away.

Swollen feet during pregnancy

Self Magazine

One obvious symptom during pregnancy is swollen feet. Our bodies can react differently from pregnancy to pregnancy, which happened to Chontel Duncan, an Australian fitness trainer. Chontel documented how dramatically different her swollen feet problem was during her first pregnancy versus her second. Read here to learn why your feet may swell and tips to help make the swelling go down.

OB/GYN in labor delivered baby

Self Magazine

Imagine delivering a baby before going into your own labor. Wrap your head around that one. Amanda Hess, D.O., is an OB/GYN in Kentucky and did just that. Read how this superhero was able to be bring one family's new baby into the world and then bring in her own.

Surprising early signs of pregnancy


Sometimes when you're too early in your pregnancy, tests won't show that you're positive. We can all agree that if you are pregnant, you'd want to know right away. Here are six signs to look out for during early pregnancy that is surprising.


Daily Mail

Are you expecting twins - maybe quadruplets? It's important to understand the many challenges you and your little ones may face during a multiple birth. Learn what to expect and how to keep important communication open between you and your doctor.

Period bloating


We all hate feeling bloated. Thankfully there are ways to help beat it - fast. Find out different ways to make you feel your best from diet advice, exercises to essential oils. There will be at least one thing you can try to get you back to normal.

Vegan diets during pregnancy


A recent study showed that there is a relationship between veganism, B12 deficiency and preterm birth. You should know by now that your diet is key to having a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. It's important to talk to your doctor about your diet lifestyle to make sure you and your baby stay healthy. To learn more about the relationship between B12 and preterm birth, read here.

Advanced maternal age

Glamour Magazine

We have all heard at least once that if you're over 35, you're considered too old to have a baby. Do health complications really come with older age? Well, to ease your mind, data shows that 35 is not the magic number and thirties are still okay to start or expand your family! Read more on how having babies while aging can affect you and what to keep in mind if you are "35 and older."

Pregnancy cholestasis

Self Magazine

As your skin is stretching during pregnancy, you will become itchy from time to time. However, if you become EXTREMELY itchy, it's critical to see your doctor. Cholestasis causes pregnant women to become very itchy and can be harmful to your baby. To find out more about cholestasis and what symptoms to watch out for, read here.

Vaginal jade eggs

CBS News

Some holistic medical practices have gained a lot of attention lately, including the jade egg. Many health professionals are warning against using jade eggs and that by doing so many cause potential health problems. Learn why doctors are warning women not to use them and what safe alternatives you can practice for a healthier lifestyle.

Postpartum hair loss

Self Magazine

If you are experiencing hair loss after your pregnancy, don't freak out. Post pregnancy can bring a lot of different side effects, but hair loss is usually not talked about - until now. Read here about a hair stylist that sees this all the time and actively posts about it. There isn't much you can do to prevent it, but know that there are other women out there dealing with it with you.

What it's like to carry and deliver multiples

Imagine being pregnant and your abdomen weighs 44 pounds - my back hurts just thinking about it. Well, this is caused by multiple births, and it's becoming more common. Whether you're expecting triplets or wondered what happens to your body when pregnant with more than one baby, Maria Jorstad documented just that. Read what she went through while pregnant with triplets from daily life, doctor visits to labor.

Workout while in labor

Self Magazine

Imagine waiting in the waiting room for your delivery suite to open up, and you see another expecting mom doing squats. You'd think that labor is a workout enough as it is -- but not for this mom. Whatever floats your boat to deal with the beginning of your labor process, many doctors recommend doing whatever it takes to help you feel comfortable. Read this woman's story on how she dealt with her labor nerves and some other tips on what you can do if working out isn't your thing.

Ovarian Cysts

Self Magazine

Every woman should know what ovarian cysts are. But first, there is no reason to freak out -- they're pretty common. Ovarian Cysts are usually not talked about a lot, but It's important to know what they are and what to keep in mind.

Breast swelling during PMS

Elite Daily

If your boobs get bigger during your period, it's totally normal - don't worry! Here are tips that can help with symptoms that come with bigger boobs during your cycle. However, it's recommended talking with a doctor that is familiar with your body for a more personalized treatment if necessary.

Missed period & negative pregnancy test

Self Magazine

Most women have apps that tell us exactly when our periods are coming, but when it doesn't come, it can cause some stress. The first reaction is to take a pregnancy test, but what if that comes back negative? Your period is linked to what's going on in your life and can be caused by many things besides pregnancy. If this happens to you, here are some reasons it may be caused and what steps you should take.

Brown discharge before period

Self Magazine

Ever wondered why you see brown discharge before or after your period? There are many different reasons why this happens -- it's just one of the many processes of your menstrual cycle. Put your mind at ease and learn here about why this happens.

Yeast infections in men

It's true - you can pass a yeast infection to your partner even though it's not a sexually transmitted infection. It's important to know what signs to look out for and that men can receive it as well. Read here to learn more about what a yeast infection is and how to deal with it (or try to avoid it.)

Mittelschmerz period pain

Self Magazine

Periods are already annoying, but for some, mid-cycle pain is another kicker during a menstrual cycle. Mittelschmerz happens during ovulation and causes mid to high levels of pain for those that experience it. However, if you experience this intense pain randomly, you should call your doctor. To learn more about Mittelschmerz and tips to help soothe your pain, read here.

Braxton Hicks contractions


A lot of women freak out when Braxton Hicks contractions start hitting them and usually confuse them to be the beginning of labor. It's important to know how to identify these contractions and put your mind at ease for when they do. Find out here what Braxton Hicks contractions are and why pregnant women get them.

Painful truths about giving birth

Self Magazine

Expecting your first baby or just want a good laugh? These moms kept it real when talking about what it's like giving birth and give you tips on how to deal with it afterward at the hospital. Click here to learn what to bring to the hospital, what to expect and how to mentally prepare yourself.

IVF and IVF alternatives

Self Magazine

Processes like IVF can be stressful and hard, but for this couple, the process was worth the wait. Have you ever wanted to learn more about different methods of fertilization? Read here to learn about this couples journey with IVF and other methods of fertilization.

Flu shot linked to miscarriages

Self Magazine

A lot of conversation is buzzing about the connection between flu shots and miscarriages. Do flu shots cause a higher chance of miscarriages? Should you get a flu shot while you are pregnant? All of these questions are answered here and recommendations to protect you and your baby.

How workouts affect vaginal health


You know that saying "everything is good in moderation?" Exercising is encouraged and beneficial to your vagina's health, but it is important to know the do's and dont's when you're on your gym grind. Here are seven unexpected workout habits that can actually damage your health.

Different aspects of birth control

Everyday Health

Did you know that there are several different types of birth control? If you're thinking about getting on the pill, it's important to know what type of birth control will work best with your lifestyle. Here, you can learn how it works, any side effects it may have and what types are out there.

Sex myths

Huffington Post

A few questions for you -- can you get pregnant on your period? Is it possible to get an STI if you use a condom? There are a lot of stereotypes about sex and health. Read here to find out common misconceptions about sex.

Flushable, biodegradable pregnancy test

Self Magazine

According to Statista, more than 10 million Americans used an at-home pregnancy test during 2017. Think about how many of those plastic tests ended up at the landfill. Well now, a new biodegradable at-home pregnancy test has been created called Lia. So, if you're cautious about making the world a cleaner place, learn about Lia here and when it's best to take a pregnancy test.

Clumsiness during pregnancy


Have you been dropping things more than usual since you have gone further into your pregnancy? Don't worry -- you're not going crazy. Clumsiness is actually normal during pregnancy and there is a reason for this. Find out here.

Support people in the delivery room

Self Magazine

Did you know that most hospitals allow you to pick a few people to help support you during labor? Picking the right people is crucial for your labor and your comfort. Read here to learn the different types of roles the few selected people may play during your labor.

Braxton Hicks contractions


Pregnancy already comes with many symptoms that you can't really prepare for -- this includes Braxton Hicks contractions. These contractions are similar to what happens during labor -- but why do we get them and when do they start? (P.S. don't worry, they're not as severe as labor contractions.)

Vaginal sweating


Sweat is totally normal (down there), but how much sweat is considered normal? Throughout life, you will experience sweat and that's okay! Although, if it starts to interfere with your life, here are eight signs that you might be sweating too much.

Exercising while pregnant

Self Magazine

Breaking the stigma that woman shouldn't work out while pregnant, Alysia Montaño competed at the USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships while five months pregnant. Not saying you have to compete at high-level competitions or exercise -- but should you exercise while pregnant? Read and find out what doctors had to say about Alysia Montaño's Wonder Woman act.

Wool panties

When thinking about comfortable underwear, wool is not the first thing that comes to mind. Itchy and hot are the first words many think of when we hear the word "wool". What if I told you that isn't the case and are better year-round than cotton? Learn here how wool underwear is the new staple and if it's right for you.

Breathing during pregnancy

Self Magazine

Shortness of breath is common when it comes to having a multiple birth. Oh, pregnancy - when you thought all the other symptoms were enough - then shortness of breath hits you. Even though this condition is common, you should be concerned if you're actually struggling to breathe. Read here to learn at one point you should talk to your doctor.

Pregnant moms getting the flu shot


While pregnant, your immune system changes and it's a lot easier to contract influenza or become hospitalized. So does that mean getting the flu shot will protect you and your baby? Find out here.

Back-to-back pregnancies

Self Magazine

Many people were confused to learn that Bar Refaeli became pregnant so quickly after having her first child. Back-to-back pregnancy is possible, but, is it healthy for you? Learn here about how quick turnaround pregnancies can affect you and your baby.

Embarrassing questions people ask OB-GYN


Do you feel too embarrassed to ask your gynecologist whatever you want? Well, you're not alone. Bodies are complicated and sensitive, which is why we want you to be able to ask anything. There is nothing to be afraid of- we have heard everything. Here are some of the most common "embarrassing" questions.

Can miscarriages be genetic?

Self Magazine

With struggles of becoming pregnant and both having miscarriages, these twin sisters became pregnant at the same time and gave birth the same day. To make the story better, they were next to each other as they brought their new babies into the world. However, they raised an important question: can miscarriages be genetic? Read to learn about the twin's journey and how genetics can play a part in your pregnancy.

Leg cramps during pregnancy


Have you already experienced severe leg cramping during your pregnancy? Usually, they come around the last trimester (as if pregnancy wasn't already hard enough.) Here are some ways to help prevent leg cramps and to help you get through them.

Nonstress test during pregnancy

Self Magazine

Have you ever heard of the nonstress test? It's a test that keeps a record of your baby's heart rate. It is only asked to be completed for special cases and isn't always required. Read here to learn when this test is recommended, what the process is like and when it's a good time to do it. 

What OB-GYNs are thinking during your appointment

Have you wondered what your OB/GYN thinks when you're at your visit? Hint hint - it's not about you being on your period or unshaved. Gynecologists want you to feel comfortable and want you to know that they're there to help, not judge. Read what these OB/GYNs want you to know when they're in their doctor mode and what goes through their minds.

Pregnancy at 20, 30, 40

Redbook Magazine

Women are waiting longer than ever before to settle down and start a family. So, does it really matter anymore if you wait? From decade to decade, learn here what happens to your body, mind and baby based on your age.

Intercourse after starting birth control


Think it's safe to have unprotected sex when you first start your birth control? Everyone's cycle and reaction when first starting the pill is different. Find out here if it's a good idea and how effective these little pills really are at the beginning.


Orlando Sentinel

Childbirth should be a beautiful moment and full of happiness for everyone - but this is not always the case with preeclampsia. This condition affects only mothers post pregnancy and is currently on the rise. Read more about what preeclampsia is and factors may cause it.

Eating your placenta after birth


Would you ever eat your placenta? Chrissy Teigen claimed that eating the placenta of her child prevented postpartum depression. Want to know if it helped and if there are any benefits to this? Read here.

Postpartum depression in men


We have heard about postpartum depression (PPD) for women -- but what about men? It's hard to imagine that men suffer from PPD alongside women, but it's true. Mental health awareness is important to discuss, especially when your family dynamic changes. Learn about what causes men PPD, it's symptoms and what to do if they think they have it.

Getting bigger during second pregnancy

Self Magazine

Your first pregnancy might have felt like prepping for a marathon, so the next one should be a breeze, right? It's important to note that each pregnancy is different, which is why Chrissy Teigen went to social media to explain that her second pregnancy was different from the beginning. Read here to learn why the body reacts differently to each pregnancy and that there is no reason to freak out.

Period poop

Self Magazine

Poop -- one topic women do not like to talk about during pregnancy. You may have noticed that your bowel movements can go from constipation to diarrhea, but don't worry, it's normal. Here are some reasons why this happens and tips to help make your next trip to the bathroom more pleasant.

Strategies for an easier labor

Healthy Way

We all know that pregnancy isn't going to be the easiest thing in life. What if I told you that there are ways you can prepare for the big day from day one? Here are some techniques to help make your labor much more pleasant.

Cravings during pregnancy

Self Magazine

Setting high expectations for your diet at the beginning of your pregnancy might lead to disappointment. Pregnancy might throw constant curveballs, which means you'll just have to learn how to roll with the punches. For this mom, she explains how her workout schedule and healthy eating lifestyle went out the window during her pregnancy. So, is it okay to eat the pizza and ditch the salad from time to time? Find out here.

Toothpaste for saggy boobs

Sorry ladies - toothpaste will not help with saggy boobs. Many YouTube influencers have recommended toothpaste to bring your girls back to life. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to help prevent the inevitable (thanks gravity). Instead, here are other things you can do for your breasts that are realistic.

Baby kicks in the womb

Self Magazine

It's very exciting when a baby kicks in a mother's stomach for the first time. As your baby starts to become active, it's important to keep track of its kicks and should raise red flags if a day or two go by without one. This mom saved her child's life when she realized that her baby didn't move for an entire day. Read the story here and learn why keeping track of your baby's movements is critical.

Kim Kardashian preeclampsia

Self Magazine

If you keep up with the Kardashians, then you know about Kim's pregnancy complications. During an interview with Allure, she opened up about her battle with preeclampsia and placenta accreta. To learn more about these pregnancy complications and Kim's battle that led to her choice of using surrogacy for her third child, read here.